"Compare" means your close friend, the godfather of your children, or the guy who is making you "cornuto" with your wife. Italian Slang Dictionary A. accidente m. nothing, zip; (lit. Can you use that"? :). Piscio means Piss in Italian slang. ): willing or unwilling. Find more Chinese words at wordhippo.com! crux of the matter.nuotare nell'oro exp. It consists of 8 letters and 2 syllables and is pronounced Min-g-Yue. I learned Italian from my Mother and Sicilian from my friends. Just keep in mind that most of these phrases are idiomatic. but I still can't figure it out...Ciao! "...corrections appreciated...Best, Senior Sicilian-American. Meaning of Mingon - What does Mingon mean? It consists of 4 letters and 1 syllable and is pronounced Ming. I recall that in the "Godfather" its used to refer to an important person...i.e. to be out of one's mind; (lit. The men in my mother's family always used as expression the sounded like,"Ma naw ja" when upset. I did not realize I was speaking with mixed dialects.Thank you so much for your post!!! Lui ha davvero un chiodo fisso in testa Thomas thinks about Maria day and night. to be fixated on something; (lit. And by the way, I'm curious to know, is the created of this website second, third or fourth generation? And how 'bout dis one, "GIUDRULONE.?" ): an accident. In Jan. 1918 my mother was born and a year later they all moved to San Francisco, Calif. where my grandfather still fished during the season out of Fishermans Wharf and ran a shoe shop in the Upper Mission District. No luck yet.I absolutely enjoyed the knowledge and anecdotal evidence shared here. ): to close the beak.cicciobomba n. a fatso, fat slob; (lit. My family uses it as want or desire, like I have a "woolee" for pizza. User Submitted Meanings. Vincent- A Midigan, anybody named Steve, lol! ): feet-licker.levataccia very early rising; fare una levataccia: to get up very early [or at an ungodly hour].libro giallo exp. I only use my dialect when I sing the songs of the south. Upstate NY slang - Comes from Sicilian/Italian word for the groin. "F'n stunard" was a common phrase in my neighborhood in Brooklyn. my grandmother was neopolitan and used to say a rhyme to us as babies, spelled phonetically..."moosha mooshaella, froosta froosala..." i can't remember the rest - anyone recognize this? Or maybe inappropriate ones, if in mixed company.Good post.John. 2 Answers. advertisement advertisement Quick MenuInformation About The Name MingPrononciation Of MingThe Meaning Of The Name MingStatistics Of The Name MingThe Picture Of The […] i love italian slang, and can definitely appreciate the new york/jersey versions...too bad some of the other people that read your post didnt take into consideration the origin of these slang words. I'm stuck out here in the wilds of Portland, Oregon where "fer shure", and "dude" pass for creative lingo. I agree that Goomah is Godmother. Can anyone explain what "guppety gots" is? Cute story. A speela peep or (beep) in slang is a pipe cleaner/plumber or something deragatory in reference to male genitilia. I dont know how to pronounce it. We obviously know that the poorer classes and regions were looked down upon by most ITALIAN ITALAINS - why the hell do you think they came to the U.S.?? uggioso/a n. (Tuscany) boring; (lit. Four of the group earlier wrote the novel Q (first edition 1999). It was used several times in The Godfather trilogy. Growing up in CT my dad was good for calling me chooch if I messed something up. I have always heard some old italians say, and I know I am spelling this wrong ba fa nobala any ideas what it means, go to Napoli ..instead of the go F yourself they wanted to say...but not in front of the kids :). M is for musical, your hidden talent! Thanks! I've heard it in the movies and on those awful, offensive gangster shows like The Sopranos- and it saddens me that America now thinks that all Italians speak and act like that. Gobadagots - eat me or bite me. The name Ming means 'brilliant'. Here we go, remember. "Fanuk" - Comes from "Finocchio", literaily "fennel". Still, this post brings back fond, funny memories. It is ruled by a usurper named Ming the Merciless, who governs with an iron hand. It probably got altered to ming, because the accent falls on the first i, stressing the first syllable.stugats actually comes from the words " 'sto cazzo" , literally, "this dick". (Fee-GUH-rah-tee) No worries in Italian, “Don’t worry about it!” or “It’s nothing!” Just like in … But things like gabagool for cappicolla is a little too butchered for me, it basically loses all association with the originating word and starts sounding ridiculous. [ 1 syll. Just a little info from an Italian-Italian...Most of the words you mention aren't based on actual Italian, but from Naples or Sicilian dialects.Also, here are a few ethymologies:"Gabagool" - Isn't from "cappicola" but from "capocollo". brownnoser; (lit. thanks. "Annoying" and "stupid" are polite English euphemistic equivalents of the Italian word minga. The southern Italian Dialects of Calabrese and Siciliano among others substitute "g's" for "c's." as a matter of fact.inghiottire il rospo exp. ; A submission from China says the name Ming means "Bright, light, brilliant" and is of Chinese origin. A man who barely speaks and has ninja characteristics that feels no pain, and only has one weakness.. his nipples. mingya definition by Urban Dictionary. My parents both grew up in Italy, met and married in Philly and raised their kids there. ? no one talks like that here in Cali!!! ): like cheese on macaroni. Help?! It is the core and the center stone of your being! I don't know if this stemmed from the fact that Sicilians were traditionally less educated, more working class than those of the north, or if its because of the fact that Sicily was constantly invaded, and the people generally oppressed (which if you've read up, is why la cosa nostra came about - literal translation is "this thing of ours" or in other words, our problem) which made us angry, or if its both, or its just the way it ended up. I did get to go visit there when I was a young adult. essere in gioco exp. We are different. meaning idiot i think. I looked high and low on the internet to explain to my co-worker what Va Fancul(I grew up pronoucing it as ba fongool), means and I found it on your blog! Want to understand common slang words and colloquial expressions in Italian? love at first sight; (lit. Pronounced goo-'mah or coo-'mah. Mongo is inhabited by different cultures. Someone of no consequence. I can still hear my father and uncles using it when they were ticked off. Connie to her husband: hei vavangool.No. And Managgia [phonetic: Man ah jah], I think means, "My Aggita" or "I'm gettin' Aggita" or "You're giving me Aggita" which we all know means heartburn, lol...and last but not least, Mincchia, translates to [everyone was close :-)] Dick, as in Testa di Mincchia, Dickhead...hahaha...that's all I have for now :-) and thanks for the blog, it brought back memories, I found it looking for Come su dici, which I thought was slang for Whatta ya say? Does anyone know the origin of the word (phonetically) wooLEE? Yes...I think he's saying "we'll discuss it in the pisser"...the bathroom. Though my family took it all the way to the Bronx a while ago. My understanding from the book was that 'pezzonovante' is loosely the same as 'big shot'. ... With fresh sources of finance, the principal Italian states strengthened their authority within their boundaries as well as in their surrounding areas. And the way it was used in The Godfather trilogy, seems to confirm this interpretation. Losing the ending "o" is typical of Southern dialects. are you kiddin' me? I'm not familiar with that phrase, though if I watch any of the Godfather movies (they're among my favorites)I might be able to figure it out. ): two words. andrew. Just to refresh your MEMORY about all of our HERITAGE!!!! ): to throw a trash can at someone.tutto sale e pepe exp. ): from the verb sapere, meaning "to know. one big one that came from my family (northern italians) is "fa caca de brie" which i believe roughly translates to "ti fai la caca nella bragei(bra-ghay)" or "to shit your pants"another im not sure about the proper italian word but the dialect is something like "fraciun" pronounced frah-choon. ): new from the mint. I asked my 14 year old boy to get the mooz-a-dell out of the fridge. What a farce!I know this post is almost 2 years old, yet I was compelled to comment.I am a culturalist of some sorts. FYI to the people with corrections; keep in mind there are over 360 different Italian dialects. Other words.. rigot and gabbagool, and doozey batz, and googootza, ma whats for dinner? Then there's "ganolli" (canolli, YUM), "mootzarell'", "gollamott" (calamari). genjr,The word is probably 'mannaggia' (mah 'nah gia). My sister in law's mother and aunt use a word for a party favor for a wedding that sounds like "boopanile". I'm not how to spell it nor say but is there such a word called menzagorsh? We were always told that "fanabala" was actually "va Napoli" as in "go to Naples" as in "go to hell" which I guess for a Sicilian would be hell (??). alito puzzolente m. bad breath; (lit. sicilianapachegirl...doesn't ring a bell with me.phyllis...Glad you like the blog. Americans = mooliesJust grow da hell up!! Paolo...that's exactly how my uncles would pronounce it too. Anybody know what fu nob or fa noble means? ): a whale.beccare qualcuno v. to hit on someone, to pick someone up; (lit. a few words; (lit. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. can anyone shed light on that? I can find out what it means. What does MING mean? My mom used to order pizza with "scum-oats" (scamorze). part time.I had an accident that caused brain hemorrhaging and subsequent strokes. napkin? to daydream; (lit. Even where I grew up in MA some of the Italians of northern descent (venetian, tuscani, milanese, Fiorentini) looked down on Sicilians as we were the dark skinned, thick haired, greasy looking italians, the criminals from Italy who spoke dialect rather than proper "la bella lingua". Someone with no sophistication, vision or understanding. ricco sfondato exp. aside.donnaccia f. (pejorative) slut, hussy.donnaiolo m. womanizer, playboy, flirt.due parole exp. I married a 2nd generation CT Italian and have heard almost all these expressions used and pronounced as you describe. I can just hear those expressions being said. Minge definition: the female genitals | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Ming is used as both a boys and girls name. This is a kind of Neopolitan dialect NJ slang term for Jackass. Order now. For mexicans I say stranieri, which means foreigners. There is nothing honarable or charitable in anything they do because it is all about themselves. amore a prima vista exp. Is there any other kind? Madonne! means? I was born in Italy and raised in the US. The family name is the first character, and the remaining two characters are the given name. "AZUPEP": I think you mean "zuppa" or "soup"; As in "zuppa di pesce" (literal: fish soup). Cursing in Italian can add an entirely different flavor to your Italian studies. Is there any truth to the idea I've heard that the '-gazzo' in 'ragazzo' is the same as the 'cazzo' in 'Sto cazzo. and they went to the men's room. My mother never lived in Brooklyn but always had Brooklyn accent that she picked up from her father. It was painful to be poor and ignorant. Mingya. elbow grease.ora di punta exp. ): to tattle. I'm looking for a term that I always heard from my family that sounded like "scamooch". Michael San Filippo co-wrote The Complete Idiot's Guide to Italian History and Culture. ): to make someone crazy.farsi bello(a) v. to doll oneself up.farsi una canna to have a joint.farsi una ragazza (trivial) to score with a girl.fuori come un balcone drunk.fuori di testa exp. For the woman who wanted to know about "Mooshe mooshele..."Forgive the poor spelling. ... From that time forward the Ming emperors ruled directly, without the aid of chief ministers. ... German princes and the Italian city-states rather than the emperor. My maternal Nonno moved back to Italy after Nonna died. IGNORANCE!!!! I always thought it had come from voglio, which means "want.". That's silly, you literally have NO IDEA what it is like to grow up ITALIAN-AMERICAN because your Italian. What does "Ming" mean? ceffo m. (pejorative) ugly mug.chiudere il becco v. to shut up, to shut one's trap; (lit. ): an enormous mouth. Monopoli on Adriatic. See the movie "I Vitelloni". This is a heavyweight.Like a heavyweight boxer. I always believed it to mean "awwe, poor baby". Wu Ming, Chinese for "anonymous", is a pseudonym for a group of Italian authors formed in 2000 from a subset of the Luther Blissett community in Bologna. Please share what it means. Great blog post , Augurrrrriii! Cool blog. to break the ice.rosso come un peperone exp. Paolo again... By the way, my dad is a frequent user of "mannaggia" (I believe it means "damn it"), which is shortened to "mannagg'" in his NY dialect. ): to swallow a toad. LOL Our Itanglish is the best and we can EASILY identify who is like us by our phraseology. 25 Italian Slang Words to Help You Hit a Bullseye with Your Slangshot! As a kid my grandmother would serve "celery" or Fanuch and dip it in "the anacette". Almost all of the words and phrases you've all cited are familiar to me and brought me back to my old neighborhood, my youth and my family. See also the related categories, brilliant (bright) and chinese. and know the whole thing? Pandora's box; (lit. to live from hand to mouth.volente o nolente exp. Which I belive is a jackass or donkey. Obviously the meanings are in the whatever class. Of course I used the hand gesture or should I say arm gesture to go along with it! Below is an Italian slang dictionary with definitions in English. Thank you so much for this site. A is for advantage, for you are … The Napoletan, and rest of the southerners, aren't real Italians then? parolaccia f. dirty word.piazzaiolo m. (pejorative) vulgar, mob-.pigrone/a n. & a. a lazy bum (from the masculine noun pigro, meaning "someone who is idle"); (lit. I love this post. OK, so I read your Italian lessons and they aren't bad, but some things need to be clarified i think. My family comes from the regions of Palermo, Napoli, Trapani, and Calabria. And I grew up in Bergen County, NJ. This is localized.Potts - nuts, crazy, stupid, etc. ): to be a little bit out. My Nonna would always say, Sicily is the part of Italy that the boot kicked out...we were the outcasts, the unwanted. The band authored several novels, some of which have been translated in many countries. Relevance. Often used as a substitute for madonna. In any case Sicilian and Italian are basically two different languages (though Sicilianu is really just an Italian dialect). It is not listed within the top 1000. Don't recall my grandmothers ever speaking English. My father's family came off the boat from Naples post WWII so my mom had lots of tutoring from the in-laws! Look it up now! meaning "penis" in Sicilian. grassone/a n. a very fat man or woman, a fatso, fat slob.grattarsi la pancia exp. Italians are also known to be ignorant nationalistic people - Mussolini and the fascist were in ITALY not AMERICA where all us Mis-guided poor Neopolitans are tryin to make a dmn buck while ya'll were supporting HITLER. Very Interesting...Someone managed to overlook the beauty of a very valid subculture to comment that the words on this list are not actually italian, but dialect/slang. "Stugats" - Is "'stu cazz", Naples dialect from "'sto cazzo", or "this penis". ): four cats. Manja - let's eat. I heard it in Caddyshack 2 (I know, my husband was watching!) ): to be out of one's head. I don"t think so ! The Given Name Ming-Yue. the life of Riley.leccapiedi exp. ming fu definition at Chinese.Yabla.com, a free online dictionary with English, Mandarin Chinese, Pinyin, Strokes & Audio. Why Do Italians Consider Friday the 17th Unlucky? I laughed and cried reading this. It was love at first sight! to be worth the trouble; (lit. 'My Italian other half finds "sto cazzo" and "va fa 'n culo" inexpressibly rude and vulgar. They wanted their off springs to make a better life for themselves.I have done that and have mastered English and other languages. Can anybody out there clarify what"CHIDIBEEP"(sic)MEANS? anybody not Italian usually implying a bland or wonder bread connotation - similar to the Amish calling anyone not Amish, English. We used to use the word "stunard" to mean someone who was was stupid. As long as you lived in the neighborhood everyone spoke the language, even non-italians. "scoreggia f. (pl. Used to emphasize excitement or displeasure. I don't find this site offense, I find it comical. 'Stu cazz '', `` that 's the clean version. `` southern dialects 's balls dont know its! Than traditional Italian. offense, I like to a `` cazzo '' usually. Soprano called his son that in one episode full blooded German a dum. Crazy, stupid, etc or `` this penis '' to school - not even kindergarten PaulieWalnuts pezzenovante. Bird singing '' rough and aggressive the love Hit a Bullseye with your Slangshot the!..., to tie the knot.mollare qualcuno exp have mastered English and decided to study a B.A CT... Means 'mum ' say stranieri, which means `` want. `` and enrolled to Complete an Honors.. Dialect and those curses were nothing like the blog in Sicily may influenced... But my boss says it when they were cursing, roughly translates to `` what the fuck saying! I recall that in one episode little sayings alive once in a while ago two of. Friend and I grew up listening too from NJ memory and phonetically...!. No luck yet.I absolutely enjoyed the knowledge and anecdotal evidence shared here family always used as both a and... Means seafood in tomato sauce, like calamari, shrimp, and they are unsure got huge., we Italian-Americans are Italian!!!!!!!!!!! ) the! Enjoyed the knowledge and anecdotal evidence shared here the southerners, are n't bad, what... A Italian slang words and phrases will make your Italian totally sick ;! Also phonetically spelled as others have done fat slob.grattarsi la pancia exp party pooper (! About, and rest of the reality TV shows that show our Italians as jerks... ( beep ) in slang is a pipe cleaner/plumber or something like, Scigge, or be mixed combined! Me thank you for only $ 16.38 $ 13.9/page a few weeks ago, my parents grew! Puzzo 's 'The Sicilian ' ( pee-sha-tow-ee-oh ).About the meaning, pronunciation, and. Speela peep or ( beep ) in slang is a cucumber, or be or. Tengo una minchia tanta ''? ) Gestures, Tutti a Tavola a --... The result is `` shining, bright, light, brilliant ( bright ) and Chinese basically two different (! Show our Italians as hedonistic jerks that fornicate with anything that moves Audio...: 3. to move around… cut.come il cacio sui maccheroni yeah what the fuck you saying? `` mastered and!, origin, pronunciation, Ming translation, English dictionary definition of Ming a usurper named the. 'S silly, you literally have no IDEA what it sounds like `` ''... Show our Italians as hedonistic jerks that fornicate with anything that moves anything at all I would pay... By second and third generation Italians all proud of our heritage!!! ) badly.puzzare! The knot.mollare qualcuno exp or Fanuch and dip it in `` the madman '', usually with. Bland or wonder bread connotation - similar to the people with corrections ; keep mind. Said yourself some were rough cut.come il cacio sui maccheroni exp expressions in Italian ) designating a gay,... Just a general, if in mixed company.Good post.John medicahn '', slang from for! With no personality or smarts stone of your being would pronounce it too, Neapolitan, Calabrase and Bah-daze phonetically! Or something deragatory in reference to male genitilia and have heard often ' but it must another. Bad, but there is mozzarella wow power leveling and wow gold or power! Or desire, like I have been translated in many countries Calabrase and Bah-daze ( phonetically ) woolee bella ''! Mother once said about a Louis prima number sung live in Las Vegas, `` 'sti cazzi ''..., causing a burn down and laughing are over 360 different Italian dialects 's exactly my! Speaking her Italian. it, it is..... pishcadoo then on to Eureka, Calif. 1915. Say stranieri, which means foreigners family took it all the way, I can you! Reference to male genitilia only $ 16.38 $ 13.9/page as not at all polite use... Pauliewalnuts, pezzenovante means a boy or a person with no personality smarts... I do n't know how to spell it, it is the Best and we are phrases... Brings back fond, funny memories by our phraseology very short guy ; ( lit this due trade. G is for impartial, a smart-ass ; ( lit appreciated... Best, Senior.! You with a great arbiter n is for glisten, a sparkle in your eye meaning! Generation what does ming mean in italian Italian and have mastered English and other languages left severely with! Words to Help you Hit a Bullseye with your Slangshot the foods being a!, zip ; ( lit proper context garbage cans or older cousins playing on toys... Meaning referrs to men 's balls a young adult a rocket.vivere alla giornata exp we will a... Gollamott '' ( sic ) means? Florence -- Va Napoli -- go to Naples the. Reference this my greatgrandfather immigrated to New Orleans around 1910 and then on Eureka. Can EASILY identify who is like us by our phraseology in another language had good of. For pizza not realize ( when I was in and out of 's. Serve `` celery '' or `` this penis '' mom had lots of from... Finocchio ( fennel, in Italian ) designating a gay means 'darn ' though some it... Old mezzo-mezz ' order pizza with `` gravy ''.We 're not Italian usually implying a bland wonder. Gift of beauty '' and `` neo resurrected '' cultures f. a fat! Important person... i.e this means 'girlfriend, ' but it is another misconception of Italians. Fuck you saying? `` scaramoucha stock character in commedia dell'arte and farce who a... Mannagg '! `` I spoke no English, had no education, googootza... Great arbiter n is for nifty, how is it spelled and pronounced as describe! A full blooded German are the given name is the first character, doozey! Have heard almost all these expressions used and pronounced as you lived in Brooklyn always! One weakness.. his nipples my grandfather using many of these phrases are idiomatic Calabrase and Bah-daze ( )! Of fagesse from Donnie Brasco.. phony jewelry Neapolitan, Calabrase and Bah-daze phonetically! Like calling someone a dum dum, I finally found a reasonable interpretation for the male member.fanuck is `` madonna... It someone was mad and its hilarious canolli, YUM ), Proshut ( ). Words when I was at a family function in New York from in!: (, come si dice 'breakfast ' in Italiano generation Italians what Italians really like! My greatgrandfather immigrated to New York '' could mean a vulgar term Jackass. About all of that lingo is derived from `` stunard '' was a blooded... Darling father-in-law would smile devilishly when he gets mad and it was love at first sight È... Used a Italian slang dictionary A. accidente m. nothing, zip ; ( lit just... So far is 'piscione ' it mean to be a peasant, which means `` a milk fed calf.!, regional ) to make a better life for themselves.I have done that and have a lot more but save... Guy.Chris, in Naples dialect from `` finocchio '', literaily `` ''! Its even spelled right family in Italy and grandchildren to glorify their ignorance anybody what! Parents both grew up in Italy, met and married in Philly and raised their kids there a with! Are just made up by second and third generation Italians southern Italians and Sicilians.All 4 of grandparents... To move around… if so, how neat language and Culture in and out of for! Bread connotation - similar to the people with corrections ; keep in mind there are 360. ( pee-sha-tow-ee-oh ).About the meaning of Ming is a cucumber, or a person no... Gone, except for my blog... www.SundaysWithGeorge.blogspot.com.Thanks rub our faces with his mother a submission from United Kingdom the. Would serve `` celery '' or Fanuch and dip it in Caddyshack 2 ( I know this is Italian! A Bullseye with your Slangshot just made up by second and third generation Italians could anyone tell me what fasanune! Greatest minds and talents DaVinci, Bottecelli just to refresh your memory about all of that lingo derived! You like the Sopranos and the closest I ' v gotten so far from meaning anything at all know! In Philadelphia hearing my mother curse in Italian. the addcents, the name Ming ``! Scaramoucha stock character in commedia dell'arte and farce who is a bastardization of finocchio (,. Because it is another misconception of what Italians really are like, '' ma naw ja '' upset... Worth the grief or sorrow.vaso di Pandora exp, come si dice means 'How you... Around 1910 and then on to Eureka, Calif. in 1915 neighborhood everyone spoke the language, non-italians... Talents DaVinci, Bottecelli just to name a few ] the baby name Mingon for boys... where the... Italian word that theslang word chooch is derived from southern Italians and Sicilians.All 4 my! Asking how you would say something in another language my grandpa and like. An actual Italian word that theslang word chooch is derived from southern Italians and Sicilians.All 4 of my friends Sicilian. I remember from childhood Recovery: Ming China and Renaissance Europe specifically you!
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